Kriegspilot Fritz Döring

Kriegspilot Fritz Döring

Germany, Paderborn, Airfield, 1917

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One among the incunabula Famlienfotos. Apart from the attractive figure of ladies, officers and early aircraft, believes this image set, the first acquaintance of Fritz and Katherine. Kathe Wübben (2nd from right) visited with her mother, Helene Wübben (3rd from right), her brother Fred flying Wübben (4.von right). She learns to know his teammates Fritz (the propeller). Even the gentleman on the right is a pilot, I suspect, a well known .... The lady at Fred is unknown to me. The aircraft is an albatross IIIn C (see comment) from Berlin Johannesthal or manufactured in Poznan. Imperial military airport of Paderborn. Recordings from the period of World War II. Radicals from the photo album of my grandfather Fritz Döring, who moved in 1915, a career officer in the air force armed forces struck. He was completely on the tradition of the Doering-men, the Napoleonic wars since, the military tried their luck. His father, however, the painter Willi Döring, had embarked on a severe disability Gruind a different way. The motives of Fritz must have been differentiated and much more serious with his enthusiasm for aviation related. There is at present not possible to specify more precise data for the photos, since the integration of images was lost or never existed.

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Wer ist der schlanke , stolze Pilot rechts im Bild?

RoBuR | 2/2/2012 3:21:27 PM

Das sollte eine Albatros C.III sein.